Chinese medicine concept should be healthy


Chinese medicine concept should be healthy

“Spring 鎹?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?鎶?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?浜?

Due to the changing climate in the early spring, the warmth is still cold, the temperature difference is penetrated in the morning and evening, and there is often a cold wave. At this time, the metabolic function of the human body and the ability to adapt to the outside world are weak. If the clothing is thin, it is easy to feel the cold.

銆€銆€Every year, there is a sentence of health slang called 鈥淪pring and Autumn Frozen鈥? It is said that in the early spring, don’t rush off the cotton coat to avoid feeling cold. When the autumn is coming, don’t wear too much at once, so as to avoid sweating and cold.

This is a health care experience that is well recognized by people who have been good at health care throughout the ages.

The Tang Dynasty doctor Sun Sizhen called “spring can not be thin, typhoid, can not eat, headache”, dressing should be “lower and thinner” to raise the yang.

This scientific cold-proof method is conducive to maintaining the body’s righteousness and resisting the evil spirits.

However, if the spring weather is abnormal and the temperature rises faster, don’t blindly 鈥渟nap鈥?and not reduce the clothes, but instead get angry and get hot.

銆€銆€Scraping sputum and sputum is one of the traditional natural remedies. It is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine meridian skin. It is used to wipe the skin-related parts with utensils (horns, jade, cupping) to clear the meridians and promote blood circulation.purpose.

In the Ming Dynasty, Guo Zhixuan wrote the book “Swelling Yuheng”, which completely recorded more than 100 kinds of sputum and its treatment.

Scraping is a method of treating the disease by scraping the scraping oil repeatedly with a scraping plate and rubbing the patient’s skin.

Scraping to improve congestion at the meridian points and improve local microcirculation is a way to eliminate evil spirits, dredge meridians, relieve qi and qi, remove wind and dispel cold, clear away heat and dehumidification, promote blood circulation and remove phlegm, reduce swelling and relieve pain, and enhance the potential disease resistance of the body itself.It can achieve the role of strengthening the righteousness, preventing disease and treating diseases.

銆€銆€Modern science has proved that scraping can expand capillaries, increase secretion of sweat glands, promote blood circulation, and have immediate effects on high blood pressure and muscle soreness.

Frequent scraping can pressurize and adjust the gas, relieve fatigue and increase the immune function.

銆€銆€The scraping method is easy to add, you can scrape it yourself, you don’t have to scrape it.

The 44-year-old Ms. Yu is very stressed and tired from life and work.

Follow the doctor’s advice, she began to scrape, set the alarm clock at 6 o’clock in the morning, wake up and sit half-sitting on the bed for more than 10 minutes, scrape the face with a meteorite scraping board, head, and in the sun, eye, Baihui, wind pool, etc.Acupuncture points to make a syringe.

After scratching, she feels sober, comfortable, and drinks 200 after washing.
300 ml of boiled water.

Since she insists on self-scrapping, she is always full of energy and physical pleasure to face everything.

銆€銆€The hair is smooth and the blood is spring. It is the season of natural yang germination. The yang of the human body conforms to nature. It has the characteristics of rising upwards and rising hair. It shows that the pores gradually stretch, the function of the circulatory system is strengthened, the metabolism is strong, and the growth is rapid.

As early as the Sui Dynasty, the famous doctor Chao Yuanfang pointed out that the comb has a smooth blood circulation and a stagnation of the wind.

In the “Health Preservation Theory” written by the Jin Dynasty, Kang Kang said: “Spring March, every time you comb your hair one or two hundred.

“Chinese medicine believes that the interaction between the body and the body, the organs and organs of the organs, and the coordination of blood and blood all depend on the interaction of the human meridians.

The meridians are collected in the head. By combing the hair, the blood can be ventilated, the nourishment and firmness of the hair can be reduced, the brain can be sturdy, the wind can be seen and the eyesight can be prevented.

The spring comb is just in line with the requirements of spring health and fitness, and it can reach the yang, and the stagnation of stagnation and stagnation, and of course, it can be strong.

(Zhouyi Beijing Tiantan Hospital)