Run away and run away your excess meat

Run away and run away your excess meat

We have told you countless times: Run, this is the most effective way to lose weight!

Unless you’re fat enough to walk, jogging is suitable for everyone.

  Ever heard of German Deputy Chancellor and Foreign Minister Joshua Fischer’s weight loss experience?

Once weighing 112 kilograms, he reduced his weight to 75 kilograms by running zealously and exercising diet.

At the beginning, he could only run 500 meters breathlessly, but after six months, he could run dozens of kilometers at a time.

Now he runs 10 times a day?
20 kilometers.

In order to insist on daily long-distance running, he often slipped away from a merged diplomatic reception or a meeting with Prime Minister Schroeder.

These are public secrets.

  Well, if you’ve decided to run, don’t forget to warm up before jogging.

Let your body shrink fully and burn your aunt violently.

The following exercises will increase your body temperature, lengthen your muscles, and activate your body’s functions.