[How to make pork bone soup with walnut and lotus seeds]_How to do_What method

[How to make pork bone soup with walnut and lotus seeds]_How to do_What method

Walnut kernel-simmered pork bone soup is also a relatively common health-care soup. It has a good effect on improving immunity and promoting physical development. Especially for students, it can relieve brain fatigue and calm the brain.The method of making pork bone soup with walnut kernels is relatively simple. For elderly friends, it also plays a role in preventing bone aging and osteoporosis.

How to make pork bone soup with walnut and lotus seeds 1.

When cooking porridge and soup, some people like to peel off the thin brown skin on the surface of walnut kernels, which will lose some nutrients, so there is no need to peel.


Put the root carrots and the soup is sweeter.

The recipe functions nourish the heart, soothe the nerves, nourish the brain, nourish the kidney and astringent essence, enhance vitality, prevent bone aging and osteoporosis.

Gourmet ingredients: about 10 walnuts, 50 grams of lotus seeds, 500 grams of pork spine, 1 carrot seasoning: the right amount of salt production method 1.

Peel the walnuts and remove the meat, and wash the lotus seeds; 2.

2. Peel and wash carrots and cut into pieces;

3. Wash and cut large pieces of pork spine, pick up water and rinse; 4.

Boil water, add all ingredients, cook for 20 minutes on Wuhuo, turn to low heat for one and a half hours, season with salt and serve.

Ingredient analysis Walnut has many and many effects, what is nourishing blood and nourishing qi, nourishing kidney and filling essence, black hair, anti-aging, it is not easy to describe one by one. In fact, it has three major health values: brain health, cholesterol reduction, and longevity.

No matter at home or abroad, people regard it as a treasure.

Nutrition experts suggest that it is best to eat two or three walnuts a week.

Walnuts can be eaten raw, cooked in soup, porridge, or wrapped in sugar for snacks. Stir-fried dishes are also made of walnut kernels, some cashew nuts, crispy and delicious.

At present, various supermarkets are still popular with a kind of “solid yuan paste” that is steamed and sold, also known as walnut gelatin paste. In fact, this is a long-established recipe. The materials are walnuts, red dates, black sesame seeds, longan meat.Ejiao, rice wine and rock sugar, Shi Zai was created by Yang Guifei, regular food can nourish and moisturize the skin, black hair.

In addition to its numerous health benefits, walnuts are also the best anti-cold acid for teeth.

Walnut meat has a certain degree of hardness. When chewing vigorously and exercising oral function, it can stimulate saliva secretion, improve the self-cleaning ability of the oral cavity, reduce the number of cariogenic bacteria in the oral cavity, and reduce the amount of acidic substances produced by dental plaque.Acidity, which reduces the chance of long dental caries.

Many people’s teeth are irritated by temperature (cold and hot), chemical (acid, sweet) and mechanical (brushing, biting hard things). They feel sore and painful, which is sensitive to dentin, and chewing walnut kernels is oily and acidic.Substances can penetrate into the dentin tubules to enhance isolation, and proteins, aunts, and calcium can also help the role of adjuvant therapy through chemical changes, thereby alleviating the symptoms of dentin discomfort.