Month: February 2020

Spring nourish yin and dry, eat spring cake, nourish stomach

Spring nourish yin and dry, eat spring cake, nourish stomach Spring cake is a pancake baked with noodles. Spring rolls are made from thin noodles and fried vegetables. According to research, spring cakes are rich in various nutrients, including protein, trace, lipid, vitamin and calcium, potassium, magnesium, selenium and other minerals. Because it is not often made in the house, it is novel and chic. It is shocking to appease the appetite. It can nourishContinue reading

Women’s Hair Loss Causes

Women’s Hair Loss Causes Many people have experienced hair loss. Because female friends mostly like to have long hair, hair loss affects women more than men. What is the reason for that woman’s hair loss? How should female hair loss be treated? What are the recipes for treating female hair loss? Today, Xiaobian will answer them one by one. If you are interested, please take a look.   Why do women lose hair? I believe manyContinue reading

Meteorological conditions affect mental health

Meteorological conditions affect mental health Introduction: Meteorological conditions are an important factor that constitutes the human living environment. Meteorological conditions and their changes even affect people’s physical health, and their effects on people’s psychological emotions are also very obvious. In some countries, when weather forecasts are issued, physical and psychological diseases that may be caused by the future weather are also announced, prompting timely precautionary measures based on weather conditions.   Meteorological conditions are an importantContinue reading

Three ways to help whiten your teeth

_1 Three ways to help whiten your teeth White, neat, caries-free teeth give a very comfortable feeling, but the teeth are ignored by most women. Think about it, mouth full of yellow teeth, dentures, tetracycline teeth, etc., will definitely not give people a sense of beauty. The following are several common tooth whitening methods today. It is not difficult to find their advantages and disadvantages by combining them.   1. Porcelain teeth are ground into rodsContinue reading

Blood type can also identify diseases

Blood type can also identify diseases Blood type is a hereditary trait of the human body. Blood type is widely used in anthropology, genetics, forensic science, archeology and other aspects. Because human immune ability is also affected by genetic factors, whether the human body is ill or whatever disease is related to genetic factors. Clinical practice proves that the incidence of various diseases is different for people with different blood types. The following is theContinue reading

Run away and run away your excess meat

Run away and run away your excess meat We have told you countless times: Run, this is the most effective way to lose weight! Unless you’re fat enough to walk, jogging is suitable for everyone.   Ever heard of German Deputy Chancellor and Foreign Minister Joshua Fischer’s weight loss experience? Once weighing 112 kilograms, he reduced his weight to 75 kilograms by running zealously and exercising diet. At the beginning, he could only run 500 metersContinue reading

Workplace Decompression

Workplace Decompression After N conflicts with my boss, I decided to resign and go home as a freelance writer.   Perhaps he overestimated his ability, and most of the manuscripts returned in a month were returned, and his confidence was immediately hit. And the manuscript fee of newspapers and magazines is generally not high. Generally, the manuscript fee is paid three months after the manuscript is published, and the economic income immediately totals. It’s not likeContinue reading

Keep warm for joints in winter

Keep warm for joints in winter Do you feel stiff as you contract your body during the cold winter? Especially the joints, once the blood circulation deteriorates due to cold, the whole body will become astringent, resulting in cold body. In the cold winter, when you find it difficult to warm your body, may you see if your joints are cold? Keep warm in winter, pay attention to protect your joints.   Which joints are particularlyContinue reading

Uncover 6 big problems for baby’s partial eclipse

Uncover 6 big problems for baby’s partial eclipse Now more and more children like picky eaters or partial eclipse, which causes a lot of obesity or malnutrition. Parents should pay more attention to their baby’s diet so that they can grow up healthy. Recently, a study by a child nutrition expert at the Chinese Academy of Preventive Sciences showed that about two-thirds of children have the habit of partial eclipse and refusal to eat certainContinue reading

Best supplements for whole grains

Best supplements for whole grains When it comes to tonics, the first thing people think of is often tonics, meat, or seafood. In fact, the grains we usually eat are also good tonics. There is a saying in Chinese medicine that the medicine and food are homologous. The medicinal properties of grains and cereals can be used for complications, are economical and practical, and there is no substitute.   Rice: also known as uncooked rice, hasContinue reading