Workplace Decompression

Workplace Decompression

After N conflicts with my boss, I decided to resign and go home as a freelance writer.

  Perhaps he overestimated his ability, and most of the manuscripts returned in a month were returned, and his confidence was immediately hit.

And the manuscript fee of newspapers and magazines is generally not high. Generally, the manuscript fee is paid three months after the manuscript is published, and the economic income immediately totals.

It’s not like going to work anymore. When the date comes, there will be a salary collar, and the company will provide accommodation, so you don’t have to worry about the rent for water, electricity, and meals next month.

Now not only to rent a house, but also to reduce three meals a day, all kinds of stress will follow.

  Sometimes I have to write overnight in order to rush the appointment, wait until the manuscript is ready to be sent out, and then I can’t sleep after coming to sleep.

My mind is still thinking about the manuscript I just wrote, I don’t know if it will pass.

If the editor of the contract feels that it is still not working, he will call if there is any need for amendments, and I definitely can’t sleep.

In this way, the body’s biological clock is disturbed regardless of day and night. Worries, insomnia, nervousness, depression, dreaminess, headache and other symptoms often surround me. After three months, people are really thinner and lighter than Huang Hua.willow.

Later, I finally came up with a set of decompression methods to save myself from stress.

  First, adjust the work and rest time, combine work and rest, and occasionally give yourself time off to improve sleep quality.

Do not rush to the draft, firmly do not work night shifts, take a hot bath before bed, drink a glass of hot milk, exercise before going to bed, and help sleep.

Take at least one day off a week and give yourself a break.

  Two, three meals a day to achieve vegetarian nutrition, balanced nutrition.

Health is important, good health and good mood, good mood and quick thinking.

  Third, do not pressurize yourself at will and build self-confidence.

As a freelance writer, rejection is inevitable. You cannot lose confidence in yourself because there are too many rejections.

To always face the blow of each rejection with optimism, in this highly competitive industry, it is important to believe that you can do it.

  Fourth, learn to vent and make more friends.

A person’s health includes both physical and mental aspects.

Excessive psychological pressure can easily lead to physical problems.

Therefore, when encountering troubles and stress, you should make adjustments through making friends, reading, listening to music, clubbing, watching movies, traveling, etc. You can also talk to friends.

  Fifth, learn new knowledge or invest in some hobbies.

Learning can make people’s mentality rejuvenate and mobilize people’s self-motivation; while spending some hobbies can make you forget, so as to reduce the invasion of depression.

  Six, walking and exercise fitness.

Taking time out every day to walk in the nearest park is good for your body. It ‘s tiring to bury your head and write all day at home. Proper exercise can not only strengthen your body, but also bring you a different level of relaxation and peace.Pleasure.

  Seventh, adapt to society in its own unique way.

Everyone has their own life goals. Since choosing this path, they must dare to adapt to society in their own way, so that they will always be passionate about writing and believe that they will do better.