The temptation of the double-sided Lijiang Summer Night Bar


The temptation of the double-sided Lijiang Summer Night Bar

The bar people encounter love, looking for an affair, this is the reason why many people spend the night.

Wine and music are the language of the bar.

銆€銆€Lijiang’s bars are surrounded by mountains and rivers. Most of the bars are free from the luxury and kitsch that are commonplace in the metropolis. Whether it’s exterior decoration or internal structure, it can be free and easy, simple and casual, even its name is so different: one meterSunshine, Little Paris, Sakura House, Naxi House, Prague Cafe. No matter who you are, come to Lijiang, there are two places that must not be missed.

First, the 鈥渢ea-and-horse road鈥?with a long history and full of adventures is the crystallization of the ancient city and modern culture 鈥?鈥淏ar Street鈥?

Against the backdrop of quiet and magical ancient roads, the fascinating nightlife of the ancient city is fatal to the temptation of the distant comers.

Alcohol, music and mind overlap and collide, throwing the world’s repression and shackles behind, at this moment, no longer worry about who I am.

銆€銆€Hey and wrong, it seems to step into the low-key luxury of “Red Lantern High Hanging”, beautiful retro.

It may not be right to say that retro is here. It is full of ancient meanings, just use it and arrange another hole.

Stepping on the rugged bluestone slab, and the flowing water passing through the street, the window and the porch of the carved wall are full of eyes. The tables and chairs that are arbitrarily arranged are no longer distinguishable colors, and the faint exuding of the wood is dense and practical.Concentration. The most intimate place between the local and the modern, the bar, has evolved into a kind of Lijiang culture, which makes people marvel at the digestive power of the old city, and is also addicted to its broad and deep.

It will give you a strange texture of time and space.

Xinhua Street in Lijiang is dotted with more than 30 bars, known as 鈥淏ar Street鈥?

The river runs through the street, accompanied by a shallow stream of water, sings or sings, and tastes the true nature that emerges from the pores, and is completely relaxed and relieved.

銆€銆€At night, most of the ancient city is not in the darkness and silence. Only Xinhua Street and Sifang Street have more and more people coming in from all directions, and the air is boiling.

Under the simple and elegant appearance, what is hidden is the inner passion and wild nature.

Just like the Chinese taste of trying to stay in Chinatown, the bar street in the ancient city of Minxi is full of rich Naxi style.

The overall architectural style of Bar Street continues the Naxi tradition. Under the influence of the plateau and subtropical climate, the building uses wood to build the attic. The flying spires are the most ethnic, and the wooden fences are carved with different patterns and are placed in all corners of the house.Various totems and ornaments are placed or hung: animal bones, decorative pendants. paint mottled, showing its long history and vicissitudes.

And walked in, rows of neat wine racks, with wines of different ages and brands. The wide-ranging instruments on the stage were stationed in different styles. People dressed in different clothes were afraid to escape from loneliness and loneliness.Let time spend a lot of time here.

銆€銆€The legend of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Lijiang, Yunnan, is surrounded by clouds all the year round. Even in the most sunny season, the sun can’t penetrate the clouds. Only when the annual autumn and the moon meet with each other can you see a piece of rice.The long sun shines on the top of the mountain, and the scene is quiet and magnificent.

If a brave couple sees this short and valuable light, their love can be blessed by God, and thus for a long time. Follow the trail of this beautiful legend and visit the one meter of sunshine in front of the Lion Rock.In the legendary fleeting moment, the one-meter sun bar can be perceived and touched at any time, and the original is the old taste.

銆€銆€The name of “One Meter Sunshine” is engraved on the old coffin in Naxi, Han and English. This typical Naxi residential style building, two-story traditional wooden stone structure loft, and the sloping beams and columns are intertwined.Small and small space, the rough wooden table and chairs in the house, the ancient symbols carved in the corners and corners, carved with different patterns of wooden fences, deer heads, horns, camel bells, shotguns, gods. inadvertently sketching the eastThe taste of the ancient culture of Pakistan conveys a long and original message.

Under the sway of the red light, choose a chair by the window, taste the fascinating capital carefully blended by the bartender, love the Humin River or blue Hawaii, and enjoy the dance performances of the Naxi and Tibetan; the ears are full ofThe rock band screams and screams, swings into the dance floor and beats casually; participates in fun games such as all kinds of novelty and real adventures or shakes the game, and competes with strangers.

At this moment, there is no limit to everything, only pure indulgence and happiness!

銆€銆€”One meter sunshine” itself “red wine cigar workshop” is to enjoy the ultimate.

Crossing the stone bridge in front of the door and the inscription wall, followed by the green lacquered stone steps, the story of a Europa red wine and cigar culture is slowly opening.

The bar and walkway in the square are full of Chinese ancient elements of cutting and collage. In this Chinese-style architectural space, Western-style crystal chandeliers, wine-red fringed soft accounts, exaggerated European high-back chairs are arranged in European style.The style of the style, the unrestrained reconciliation and the natural world.

The wine cellar contains the classics of France, the United States, Germany, and the Italian countries. The fragrance is full of grandeur.

Among them, the king of the wine king – Petrus, complex, rich, unique taste, rich and unpredictable, rich and gorgeous, pouring into the abdomen, the mouth still retains the ripe mulberry, blackcurrant and vanilla oak.

In addition, there are Latours in the Bordeaux series in France, White Horse Village and Dragon Boat Park, etc., and APERITIFS’s next-door baby series, Martini, is an excellent choice for pre-meal appetizers.

In addition to tasting, you can try a cigar collection, nearly a thousand dollars of Cuaba A and Cohiba Siglo VI, in the ancient level of Naxi tastes a unique luxury.

銆€銆€I have always thought that the bar is the theme of urban nightlife. When I came to Lijiang, I found out that the bar was not a patent of the modern city. I went to the picturesque and picturesque town of the city, and I was so fascinated.Thoroughly vent the irritability and uneasiness in your heart, find a destination and place of residence for the soul.

銆€銆€If you see Lijiang in the daytime, you can indulge in the paradise-like beauty of the world, but it is not enough. Only after going through the poetic bar under the red lanterns and returning to the world, can you truly abandon yourself and abandon everything.

This is the double-sided Lijiang that the bar culture interprets for us!