7 most details of the bed that makes men sad

7 most details of the bed that makes men “sad”

Sexologists have pointed out that men usually rely on smell, hearing and visual stimulation of sexual desire, while women only pay attention to feelings, and it is often easy to ignore small details and anecdotes.
Don’t underestimate these flaws, they are enough to make men feel uncomfortable, produce resistance, directly affect their “performance”, and even lose their continued interest. Make up makeup “sports” “My girlfriend is really exquisite!
Even when she is having sex, she paints impeccable makeup!
However, when we are passionate, the cosmetics on her face will become sweaty and sticky. The most frightening thing is that at this time, she also let me kiss her, I am really scared,How many of these harmful substances did I eat when I kissed her?
鈥濃€斺€擠avid 32 years old tips: Keeping your face fresh and clean is the most comfortable and intimate way to do it.
If you are worried that the acne and spots on your face will not let you go, you can first wash a long hair with a fragrant smell, and then shun down to cover most of the “bean flower face”.
However, this is a contingency plan for palliative treatment. After intimacy, it is still improved from personal hygiene and skin care.
銆€銆€The body hair is thick. “My girlfriend greatly licked the body hair on her body and let it go.”
Every time I make love, I touch and kiss her just like touching my own body. This kind of feeling can be enchanted by interest!
濂硅繕鍩嬫€ㄦ垜锛岃鎴戝墠鎴忎笉璁ょ湡锛屼笉灏婇噸濂癸紝鍙槸锛岄潰瀵逛竴鍙瘺姣涚唺锛屾垜鎯充换浣曚汉閮芥棤浠庝翰杩戝惂鈥︹€︹€濃€斺€斾紵鍢?26宀併€€銆€tips: 鏈夎皟鏌ユ樉绀猴紝楂樿揪58% of men don’t like their partner’s rough skin and body hair, so the body hair of the armpits, calves, arms and you are definitely not wearing the sky!
If you can endure the pain, the wax removal is a once and for all method. It is really impossible to ask you to shave.
In addition, the autumn and winter seasons can not be lazy, after cleaning, remember to apply a moisturizer to the whole body skin, so that the skin is smooth and sexy.
銆€銆€浣撳懗娴撶儓銆€銆€鈥滄垜鎵胯锛屾垜澶お鏄釜鑳藉共鐨勫コ浜猴紝濂规€绘槸鑳藉湪瀹跺涵鍜屽伐浣滀腑鎵惧埌涓€涓钩琛$偣锛屼絾鏄繖纰岀殑濂瑰紑濮嬪拷鐣ヤ簡涓€浜涗笢瑗匡紝鍋氱埍鏃讹紝濂硅韩涓婄殑閭h偂鍒洪蓟鐨勬睏鑷璗he taste of the flavor and inferior perfume made me unable to concentrate!
鈥斺€斺€斺€擩un Peng 30 years old tips: When a man is intimate with you, the sensitivity of the sense of smell is 10 times normal!
Some surveys have shown that in the intimate process, the slight sweatiness of the human body has a very subtle aphrodisiac effect on the opposite sex.
If you are worried that too much sweat will make him lose his “sex”, you can take a bath of rose oil before the passion, or drop a drop on the underarm, waist, earlobe, inner thigh, etc. when the body is dry.Flower and fruit scented eau de toilette, a touch of floral fragrance can increase men’s androgen secretion, and has an unexpected effect.
銆€銆€Bad breath “Sorry, I quarreled with you last night.
But I don’t want to kiss you, really, kissing you is a treat for me!
In this sentence, I sent a text message to my wife!
I believe she can forgive me!
鏄ㄦ櫄锛屽湪鎴戣窡濂规渶婵€鎯呯殑鏃跺埢锛屾垜涓嶅緱涓嶁€橀檷鏃椻€欙紝鍘熷洜璇村嚭鏉ワ紝鐪熻浜鸿劯绾紝鍥犱负鎴戣濂瑰槾閲屾畫鐣欑潃鐨勯夯杈g伀閿呯殑鎬懗褰诲簳鎵撹触浜嗏€︹€︹€濃€斺€擝rown 25宀併€€銆€tips:涓轰簡鍙屾柟鐨勬儏瓒g潃鎯筹紝鏅氫笂灏藉彲鑳藉湴涓嶈鍚冨ぇ钂滄磱钁辩瓑鍒烘縺鐨勯鐗╋紝淇濇寔鍙h厰娓呮柊鏄嫢鏈夊畬缇庢椂鍒荤殑鍓嶆彁銆侷f you forget, it is also necessary to use a mouthwash or chewing gum for first aid.
Careful to him, but also respect for himself.
銆€銆€The underwear is dirty. “I have been married to my wife for 8 years. Maybe I should enjoy the so-called stability like her.
However, I always feel that some things can not be ignored, such as your underwear!
When you are making love, you take off the exquisite coat, but the exposed is dirty, crumpled, underwear that doesn’t match up and down!
My feeling at the time was terrible!
This kind of psychology, how do you let me continue?
“- Xiaokun 34-year-old tips: Zhang Xiaoyu said: marriage is the biggest enemy of the underwear business.
Once a woman has a stable relationship, she will be lazy about the renewal of underwear.
In fact, men don’t just like to see you naked, wearing sexy underwear, you want to cover the show, you are full of charm, don’t let your unclean, off-line and crumpled underwear let him down!
銆€銆€Too active and picky “I originally thought that a wife who is as capable as you are really proud, now I really don’t think so!
Because, when you are intimate, you still put on a high-level look, not only pointing at me, but also constantly picking my posture and details, dear, I am your husband, not your subordinates!
You are like this, I can’t even keep the minimum self-esteem!
鈥斺€斺€斺€攖ension 29 years old tips: Even if your experience is richer than him, please don’t be busy saying this when you are intimate, then correct him.
When a man is nervous, then the words are easy to “hang”.
If he has never been able to take it, use your hand to lead his hand and mouth, look for sensitive points and the most comfortable posture.
At the same time, when he progresses, he has to come to the moment to encourage praise.Women are usually strong again, and they should be spoiled in bed.

For example, let him help you with a nude massage, and then return his little brother.

In this way, you can interact and let him find satisfaction.

銆€銆€I have been asking “Do you love me or not” “My mother always loves to ask me anytime, anywhere, ‘Do you love me?

鈥楨ven if we’re 鈥榯wo in one’, it’s no exception!

I don’t know the honor. I have been terrible at this moment. I have understood it. I have already said something. I have long been unable to remember it. I don’t believe this moment. Do you believe it?

“-Tom 25-year-old skill: Don’t be quiet like a dead fish when you are intimate, you can ask him when he is tempted: Is that okay?”

Conversely, when he tempted, you also have to admit the affirmative answer, “I am here”, “I like it”, “A little faster?” These are definitely more practical than always asking “You love me or not.”