Winter fitness prevention can freeze


Winter fitness prevention can freeze

The cold has a great impact on human health. It can be said to be a threat, but as long as it is good at using it, it can bring health benefits. For example, people who practice winter swimming are a good example. Their common feeling is: eatingGet fragrant, sleep well, with less disease, plenty of energy and a refreshing spirit.

In addition, people who are used to washing their face with cold water, washing their hands or even taking a bath are not prone to catching a cold.

We can also see a phenomenon in which people living in low temperature areas live longer than people in high temperature areas.

銆€銆€Cold is not terrible, and adaptation to the environment is human instinct.

Beyond nature, it provides abundant nutrients for human beings, and it also contains the mystery of longevity.

銆€銆€Adaptation to the cold, medically known as “cold habits”, also known as “cold habits” refers to the exercise of a certain period of time, so that people have adaptability to low temperatures, thus producing a good effect on the body.

First, the metabolism of the substance is strengthened, the body’s sensitivity to insulin is increased, the glycogen reserve is increased, and the absorption of glucose is directly accelerated, which has a unique effect on the treatment and prevention of sugar.

In essence, in the process of “cold suit”, the decomposition, absorption, utilization, etc. of adults are slightly strengthened.

Experiments show that the cold environment has a certain effect on the liver of adults.

Third, protein metabolism is enhanced in the cold environment, and the regulatory functions of the nervous system and endocrine system are also improved, thereby enhancing the body’s self-control ability.

Fourth, in the process of “cold suit”, the elasticity of blood vessels is enhanced and the blood flow is increased, thereby improving the blood supply to the coronary arteries, strengthening the myocardial function, and gradually reducing the degree of repeated contraction of blood vessels, and the relaxation response is accelerated.The incidence of frostbite can be significantly reduced.

Finally, in the process of 鈥渃old suit鈥? the oxygen consumption increases, the basal metabolic rate increases, and the high level of heat production can last for a long time.

銆€銆€There are many ways to “cold suit”, for example, washing your face with cold water or rubbing your body, taking a cold or cold bath from autumn to winter, swimming in natural waters, wearing less clothes and even shorts to the cold air of out.

Some people have done experiments, exposed to 8 hours a day in an environment of 11.8 months – 13.5 seconds (wearing a single-handed labor), 6 days a week, after a month of exercise, the ability to withstand cold can be significantly improved, showing tremorWith or without tremor, the deep body temperature remains constant.

In short, the methods can be varied, but must be carried out under the conditions of exercise.

In addition, it must be different from person to person, step by step, persevere, in order to achieve fitness and illness.