Classical skin moisturizing method makes your skin tender and tender


Classical skin moisturizing method makes your skin tender and tender

Winter skin moisturizing step: After washing your face, you should rub the skin care products within 3 minutes to maintain the moisture on the skin surface. First, apply a moisturizing essence or moisturizing gel to absorb moisture, then treat your skin.on.

Different skin lotions or creams can replace the final lotion or cream with moisturizing sunscreen lotion during the day. Mixed skin should use different moisturizing lotions in two places and T-shaped parts.

The following is a sensitive skin analysis of the skin moisturizing method of the skin with mild skin: the skin is thinner, the natural fragility is inelastic, and the skin is red and prone to small papules when the season is hot or cold, the capillaries are shallow, and it is easy to break and form a little red.wire.
It is susceptible to environmental factors and local irritants. When it encounters allergens, it will have a strong reaction, red and hot, itching and itching, and even peeling or granules may occur in severe cases.

Moisturizing Tip: Due to the characteristics of sensitive skin, it is best to avoid moisturizing products with alcohol in order to moisturize the skin.

Spray the entire face with a facial spray, dry it, and then use a non-perfume skin care product to calm the skin.

Mixed skin analysis: facing the middle, forehead, nose, mandible, the T-zone has oily light, easy to grow acne, while the two toes and the outer edge of the face are dry.

Moisturizing Tip: The characteristic of mixed skin is the T-zone oil. After cleansing in the morning and evening, use a refreshing moisturizing lotion to replenish moisture.

If the T-zone is oily, you can first absorb the oil with oil-absorbing paper, then apply moisturizing gel on the dry cheeks to enhance the water replenishment. Use a light and refreshing moisturizing cream, preferably containing anti-inflammatory and moisturizing ingredients of natural plants.It stabilizes the mixed skin and restores the balance of water and oil.

Dry skin analysis: small pores, it is not easy to trim pores, the skin surface is relatively flat, almost no oily light, but it is easy to form expression lines, easy to grow spots.

The amount of water in the leather layer on the skin surface is too small, the sebum secretion is too small, and the skin has a tight feeling and a tingling sensation after washing the face.

Moisturizing Tip: Dry skin loss is severe after sunburn in summer, and moisture is easily lost in air-conditioned rooms. Locking moisture is the focus of skin care.

A soft moisturizing lotion containing natural moisturizing and moisturizing ingredients of plants, which can effectively promote sebum secretion and prevent water loss. It is an ideal choice for dry skin.

There is too much fat in oily skin, a lot of oil will appear on the skin, the skin will be bright, the skin is rough, the pores are thicker than other skin types, and it is easy to fall off and it is easy to produce acne acne.

Moisturizing Tip: Cleaning is the most basic job. For dry areas such as cheeks, it is recommended to use a non-grease moisturizing gel. Apply a thin layer and gently push it evenly.

Daily care must reduce the secretion of excess oil, but also need to improve the skin from the inside, is the skin’s own ability to establish a balance of conditioning, so that the oily water balance of oily skin to normal.