Uncover 6 big problems for baby’s partial eclipse

Uncover 6 big problems for baby’s partial eclipse

Now more and more children like picky eaters or partial eclipse, which causes a lot of obesity or malnutrition.

Parents should pay more attention to their baby’s diet so that they can grow up healthy.

Recently, a study by a child nutrition expert at the Chinese Academy of Preventive Sciences showed that about two-thirds of children have the habit of partial eclipse and refusal to eat certain foods. As a result, the body is likely to lack some essential nutrients and become a modern “malnutrition child”, thus becoming immuneForces generally decline.

In fact, these phenomena are due to the fact that Mommy can get into the puzzle, and now one by one to solve the mystery.

Jie Mi 1 makes the baby miss the best opportunity for taste development or food that has not been eaten. It is fresh and curious for the baby. They are not born with prejudice, and usually need a mummy to develop a good taste.And the sense of smell.

Your baby’s sense of taste and smell is most sensitive at the stage of 6 months to 1 year, so it is the best time to add complementary foods, because by tasting various foods, the baby can promote the formation and development of many foods’ taste, smell and taste, Also the baby’s adaptation process from liquid food-semi-liquid food-solid food.

By the age of one, I was able to accept foods with a variety of tastes and textures to meet the needs of the body’s growth and development, and weaned smoothly.

However, in the process of adding complementary food to the baby, if the mummy sees that the baby is unwilling to eat or has a little discomfort, she immediately stops the baby distressed and no longer eats. This will make the baby miss the taste,The best opportunity for the formation and development of olfactory and mouthfeel makes it difficult to interrupt the milk and lead to the typical anorexia in the future.

Jie Mi 2 adopts a compulsive attitude towards the baby’s “partial eclipse” that the baby initially exhibited. At 8 months, the baby can already express likes and dislikes about food. This is the initial phenomenon of “partial eclipse”.

However, this partial eclipse is very naive and cannot be compared with that of older children.

Because the baby does not like to eat at this month, it is likely that he will like it again next month.

Mummy didn’t understand this, for fear of the baby’s lack of nutrition, he was very concerned about the baby’s behavior of not eating, and was very “true”, so he took a tough attitude, leaving a very bad impression on the baby’s mind, and it was very difficult in the future.Difficult to accept this kind of food, resulting in a true partial eclipse.

Jie Mi 3 is too concerned about the baby’s nutrition too much and worried that mommy always arranges a budget for the baby according to his own knowledge of nutrition, never has the baby like a certain food according to his own desires, thinking that this can ensure nutritionabsorb.

However, pediatric medical experts have shown that as long as the baby’s taste, smell, and taste for food develops normally, normal babies can choose a good and healthy diet combination from a variety of foods that they love to eat properly.

Although babies’ appetite may change frequently, as long as they are not affected by human bias, their diet will generally be balanced in the long run.

Therefore, mommy should allow babies to like and hate certain foods according to their wishes, without having to make a fuss. Excessive attention and worry will have a counterproductive effect.

If the mommy doesn’t know much about the nutritional value of rice, milk, meat, eggs and other foods, she can’t provide the baby with balanced nutrition that can meet the needs of the body’s growth and development.

Jie Mi 4 always pampers the baby on the diet. Usually the baby always eats the food when he or she likes it, but Mummy dismisses it and blindly pampers the baby.

However, the digestive organs of children are still very delicate. If they are indulgent, they will hurt the baby’s spleen and stomach, resulting in trauma to the food. When they encounter this kind of food, they will feel very disgusted and will never eat it again.This results in imbalanced nutritional intake and the occurrence of “malnutrition”.

Solution 5: Correct your baby’s partial eclipse, anorexia too much anxiety. When the baby does not like to eat something, when the mother is anxious, she is often forced to force, seduce, buy or threaten, and force her to eat in the belly, causingPsychological effects of adverse consequences.

Over time, it will cause the baby to conditionally reflect on this kind of unloved food, that is, nausea when they see it.

In the long run, it will also affect the balanced supplement of nutrition.

Jie Mi 6 Mummy has bad eating habits. Baby is partial to anorexia, anorexia, and is often affected by Mummy. For example, if she does n’t like to cook meals that she does n’t like, she does n’t bother to do well, but she does n’t pay much attention to taste and color.Words often show prejudice against these foods.

In this way, the baby will be preconceived, and will be disgusted with certain foods before they are imported.

Or as long as the meal is considered nutritious, let the baby eat it and eat it again. Eventually, the baby will lose his appetite for this meal and never eat it again.

In the face of the above problems, there are good ways to solve them. There are three main methods: Method 1 is a scientific and reasonable replacement to prevent the development of partial eclipse, anorexia habit is added timely and timely, and the off-milk food is added in time to promote the baby’s taste for a variety of foods.And the formation and development of taste and smell; properly treat the baby’s initial “eccentric eclipse” performance, do not be stubborn, and do not pamper the baby’s bad eating habits. If you encounter foods you do n’t plan to overeat,In the end, it hurts food and doesn’t like to eat anything at all; Mummy should lead by example, don’t show love or dislike of food in front of the baby, and don’t comment rashly on food.

Method 2 Pay attention to the balance of various nutrients in accordance with the dietary balance guidelines formulated by the Chinese Nutrition Society. Arrange a diet for the baby, that is, how much food is required. The combination of staple food with coarse grains and non-staple foods with vegetarian food should be reasonable.Eat fish, eggs, lean meat, poultry, beans, and soy products; eat more vegetables, fruits, and potatoes to ensure fiber intake.

Method 3 pay attention to cultivate your baby’s good eating habits, including not partial eclipse, picky eaters, overeating, overeating, and not overeating snacks.

However, this is not something that can be achieved overnight. It requires moms to pay attention to training every moment, and it also depends on whether the mom’s attitude towards the baby’s eating is important.

First of all, Mummy should abide by the baby’s personality, make him feel that eating is his own desire, and it is a pleasant thing; not only should he pay attention to the balance of nutrients, but also consider the baby’s taste, and also pay attention to the color and aroma of the foodThe taste and the pattern of food should not neglect the baby’s sensory needs for food because it only focuses on nutrition.