Yanwei Raiders turned out to be a health strategy!


“Yanwei Raiders” turned out to be a health strategy!

The “Yanlan Raiders” still has no earthy aesthetics of Abao, the temperament of the court of the full screen, and the hit drama “Yanqi Raiders” has ushered in the finale, the true love of Qianlong and Fucha CP, and moreIt is the heart of thousands of girls, of course, we must also sigh – this drama is also a Qing Qing health drama!

“Yanlan Raiders” stills the emperor’s rock candy bird’s nest porridge, come one every day; noble milk bath, leisurely bubble; and copper ice, shaking, ice pillow, etc.; it seems that the Qing Dynasty’s harem,In order to maintain health, too much effort has been spent?
On the beauty map of the Qing Dynasty, the good grass has made some research on the health of the harem, and everyone knows that the court woman has a lot of time to study and maintain, and some kind of “one of the four beautiful women in ancient China”Royal.

Yang Guifei If a woman does not understand maintenance, it is really a suffocating operation!

Tang Dynasty poet Xiao Xing bathing “All Tang poetry?”

In the addendum of the palace, inadvertently broke the secret of Yang Meiren’s beauty skin: lead Hua washes the fullness of the rich, rain drops the lotus leaves difficult to stop, dark clothes Ejiao refused to say, but said that born to be Jun Rong.

The poem clearly pointed out that the mystery of Yang Guifei’s beauty is that he is taking gelatin.

I don’t know if there is such a consciousness in the Qing Dynasty.

If you can give Ejiao to the noble and noble heart, Xiaobian should be able to receive a bounty of 10W?


After all, more pearl powder, milk bath, can not achieve the effect of beauty and beauty such as Ejiao?

After the stills of “Yanwei Raiders”, Ejiao supplements collagen and amino acids, trace elements, and has rich comprehensive nutritional value. At the same time, trace elements can activate enzymes, make them play a biological role, accelerate metabolism, transform skin smooth, rosy and elastic., beauty and beauty, delay aging, prolong life.

This is not the ratio of general care products?
On the face of the Qin dynasty gelatin cake, the Queen’s maiden is pregnant and there is an accident, the legs have not stood up, it really makes people feel bad, Ejiao is too suitable for the Fuchao Queen of this period.

“Yanqi Raiders” stills throughout the ages, Ejiao as a miscarriage, help pregnancy and even the choice of pregnancy, has long been recorded in the classics of traditional Chinese medicine.

Ejiao is a traditional blood-filling and fecal medicine, and it is also the favorite beauty and beauty of women.

Ejiao and ginseng, velvet antler and called “three treasures of traditional Chinese medicine”, but with ginseng, antler ranking, Ejiao mild, can be taken for a long time.