Lunch break for office workers

Lunch break for office workers

As urban working people, it is really difficult to spare more time for physical exercise.

Well, you might as well do some exercise while taking a lunch break.

This will not affect the social activities after work, but also full of energy all day.

  Suffocate next to the teenager.

If you are too busy to walk away, take off your shoes and try a few yoga moves. Attention will be more focused and your mood will be much lessened.

Method: sit cross-legged, straighten your hands outwards, as high as the orientation, palms up, and then quickly lift up, palms against the palms, while inhaling with your nose, quickly put your arms back to the original position, while exhaling, repeatedlyTake a break after about 1 minute and repeat.

  Take the opportunity to consume your aunt.

If you want to burn a few calories during your lunch break, the following exercises are suitable. Doing a full 30 minutes of aerobic exercise on the jogging machine has a significant effect.

Method: Warm up for two minutes first, then take turns to do 3 minutes fast walking and 1 minute buffer time.

When walking fast and fast, slowly increase the slope of the walker every time, and return to zero during the break, repeat 5 times.

Then, do 5 minutes of abdominal and back exercises, 5 minutes of push-ups, and finally, 5 minutes of contraction exercises to ease the physical strength.

  Jump the rope and balance your muscles.

The best way to maintain a good figure is to continue to do these aerobic and weightlifting exercises, which will definitely distort the muscles and balance. Practice: Take a two-minute quick rope jump and use one-minute weightlifting equipment.Exercise, keep moving, keep a high heart rate, and consume more calories.

Use different weight lifting equipment each time to make sure you can move to different body parts.

Do 10 turns in this way, and finally use the abdominal exercise to relax and take a shower again.

  Improve body posture.

Although exercise can relieve stress and fatigue in the body, the usual bad posture may be the main cause of muscle soreness. In the long term, both physical and health are affected.

If possible, ask a massage specialist to observe your sitting or standing position and find ways to remove the source of soreness.