Three ways to help whiten your teeth


Three ways to help whiten your teeth

White, neat, caries-free teeth give a very comfortable feeling, but the teeth are ignored by most women.

Think about it, mouth full of yellow teeth, dentures, tetracycline teeth, etc., will definitely not give people a sense of beauty.

The following are several common tooth whitening methods today. It is not difficult to find their advantages and disadvantages by combining them.


Porcelain teeth are ground into rods and the porcelain teeth are braced.

  Applicable object: Suitable for patients with tetracycline teeth, tooth defects and cracks.

  Whitening effect: quick effect, and keep the time suitable.

However, the “beautified” teeth are prone to become sensitive and fragile, and the metal parts of porcelain teeth are prone to irritate the gums, making the gums black and shrink.

  Similar methods: washing teeth, bleaching teeth, etc.


Teething improves the pigmentation of the tooth surface with medicaments.

  Applicable object: Patients who have discolored teeth due to drinking tea, coffee, red wine, or smoking.

  Whitening effect: The effect is unstable, and it is possible from a week or two to a year.

Home whitening methods are more convenient, safer, and more affordable, but these products can cause dental allergies in some people.

  Similar method: tooth whitening solution.


Light curing uses special optical lenses to remove all harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays, activate the medicinal properties of whitening agents, and quickly enter the teeth to play a role.

  Applicable objects: patients with moderate to mild tetracycline teeth, drug-induced discolored teeth, and fluorosis.

  Whitening effect: 30 minutes at a time, 1?
The effect is very obvious after 2 times.

It lasts about two years, but it is more expensive.

  Similar methods: photosensitive veneer, laser tooth whitening, etc.